Wednesday, January 14, 2009

life+work+no internet at the house=not much blogging/ also some way too early thoughts about the SEC in 09

Not that there's much to talk about right now anyways. Another Dawg is going pro, as Asher Allen throws his name into the draft. So UGA is losing their top 2 offensive players and their best defender (come back to reality...Curran is totally overrated) I'm thinking those 09 Bulldogs are still good enough for 2nd in the East but that might not mean much next year with the real battle going on out West between Bama, LSU, & the suddenly relevant Ole Miss Rebels. Don't sleep on the Vols either, their defense was solid...if Kiffin can even get a slight jump in production from the offense then Tennessee should be a 9 win team...I think. I'm sure the preseason mags will all try and sell us on THIS BEING THE YEAR for the Gamecocks...yeah how many years have you been selling me that, Phil Steele? It's never happening. I do think Arkansas will be the most improved team in the SEC while Kentucky & Vandy return to being bottom dwellers. As for my least there's still Mississippi State. But 2010 The Tiger Odyssey is gonna rule!

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