Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Who wants to be the next franchise Quarterback of the Falcons?

so Vick's dogfighting bullshit has created a couple of problems in my universe. first of all The Falcons just went from MOST fun team to use on Madden to LEAST in a manner of seconds. from here on out all of us lazy Madden players who like to run around in the pocket waiting for someone to throw deep to or waiting for the linebackers to drop into coverage and then scramble for 20 yards (repeat x number of times till your friend threatens to stab you in the heart and then throws down his controller in disgust) will now have to run with the Tennessee Titans.

problem 2, who the fuck is gonna pilot this ship of doom for the great city of Atlanta into the next decade? considering the depth in the division and the schedule the falcons have this year it's probably not too unlikely that they are gonna end up somewhere around 4 wins and have one of the top 5 picks in the draft. now part of me really wants them to spend that pick on Darren McFadden and just ride that horse to the motherfucking promised land....but adding a runningback to a team without a quarterback seeems unlikely...not when Bobby Petrino is running the show now and his former start pupil in Brian Brohm is gonna be sitting there on day 1 ready to step in a take over the show in Atlanta.

so Brohm is the odds on favorite to end up the next Falcons QB, which is fine i guess. i'd put him at 3-1. he's shown amazing ability in college and could end up being the next Carson Palmer...but also he seems to be made out of glass at some points and hasn't played an entire season in his 3 years of college so far. and that's the kind of shit that makes me uneasy. i mean don't we all remember the Chris Chandler days? not really ready for that again. so who else is there for the taking?

our second choice is Colt Brennan. he put up insane numbers last year in the pass happy/no defense WAC and is sort of the Anti-Vick....except for the whole breaking into a girls dorm room and trying to molest her when he was a freshman at Colorado or whatever the fuck he did. anyways Colt looks like an NFL quarterback and not just your typical Ty Detmer/Timmy Chang/whoever they have behind center at Texas Tech who just plays throw throw throw football and can't actually make it in the league. No i think Colt will actually end up being a pretty good QB in the NFL...but maybe isn't such a good fit in Atlanta. i see him as a better fit in Detroit running the Mike Martz offense and putting up Kurt Warner (pre-brain meltdown) numbers throwing to Calvin Johnson and Roy Williams.

our third canidate in the race for Falcons '08 is John David Booty. Booty might just end up the third Trojans QB to win the Heisman Trophy this decade...and more than likely is gonna be holding up that National Champion trophy at the end of the year. now Booty isn't as flashy as Matt Leinart and Carson Palmer and he has a knack for getting his passes batted down during game deciding situations...but he is the QB for the Trojans and so far they've produced two stars in Leinart and Palmer. he could end up being a perfect fit under an offensive mind like Petrino and he's basically been playing for a Pro Team at USC anyways. i'd guess he'd be the most ready to step in and play from day one...i just don't know if he'll be happy with all the lack of talent he'll be surrounded by after being spoiled at Southern Cal.

some other dark horses are Andre Woodson from Kentucky, Chad Henne from Michigan, and Eric Ainge of Tennessee...but honestly i find it hard to get excited about any of those names. i guess if people really want to replace Vick the Falcons could always wait another year until West Virginia's Pat White is available. he's got the speed but not really the arm to play in the NFL. he'd still be more fun to watch than Joey Fucking Harrington. oh well, it's gonna be a long season Falcons fans.

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