Friday, July 27, 2007

THE NEXT VINCE YOUNG?!?! as the term THE NEXT MIKE VICK now and forever must be replaced.

this is Terrelle Pryor. go ahead and get used to that name, as it is probably gonna be one you will hear alot for the next couple of years. and every other site in America that tracks/stalks the best high school prospects has a major boner for this kid. and why not, he's 6-6, runs a 4.4, has a cannon, and even is listed as a top 25 prospect in basketball too. Texas, Ohio State, Alabama, Penn State, West Virginia, and pretty much the rest of the free world want Pryor to lead their team to the promised land. he's gonna get so much pussy and booze thrown at him over this next year that it'll make an episode of Entourage feel like something from The Disney Channel. i'll never understand why an elite football recruit would EVER commit to a team early. you miss out on all the perks of being an elite highschool prospect. pretty soon you're just gonna be another 5 star recruit not living up to the insane hype surrounding you on signing day. the recruiting process is where you get to live out your most depraved sexual fantasies with the entire delta sigma cum on my face sorority. don't pass that up. make 'em "recruit" the hell out of you, Colorado style. so have fun young man. i wish you well.

here's some video of Pryor in action...just to drive home the point that your school can't recruit for shit.

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kenniebloggins said...

I thought the #1 prospect is a receiver from Foley, Al. Well, he's #1 on the ESPN top 150. This kid looks amazing. He'll look good in Crimson, I hope. I mean, the coach kinda has a thing for tall, athletic black guys with rifle arms. Oh wait, who doesn't.