Tuesday, July 31, 2007

BRAVES trade away one dude whose name most of their fans can't pronounce for another one

so the Braves actually decided that this year they aren't gonna just hold on to young players with potential and instead are willing to deal away top prospects in a push for the playoffs. Last night Atlanta traded hotshit young catcher Jarrod Saltalamacchia for Texas Ranger's power hitting first baseman Mark Teixeira. now on the surface i think it's a pretty good deal, The Braves get one of the best 1Bs in baseball and just give up some minor leaguers and Salty to get him, but i think like me every Braves fan kinda had a huge mancrush on Mr. Saltalamacchia and saw him becoming the possible next Mike Piazza (minus the mustache and homosexuality). so in a way you are trading away someone who could end up one of the stars of the next decade for a guy you are probably only keeping for a year and a half. granted Teixeira did play his college ball at Georgia Tech so maybe there's the possibility the Braves could resign him, but that hasn't really been their style in the past. especially when you way into the rumors that John Schuerholz and Bobby Cox are both planning on retiring after next season. so i think it's become a situation where the Braves are just gonna open the flood gates and start trading away all these young prospects in an attempt to win another world series before everything comes crashing down around us after the 2008 season and the Braves become just another team in the National League who can't compete with the BIG MARKET teams like New York and LA and uh.....New York. whatever at this point i just want them to win another ring and then i'll be okay with them falling into a pit of despair from which they shall never return. after Smoltz, Cox, and Schuerholz are gone it's gonna be all over anyways and we all know it.

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