Monday, July 23, 2007

Big Soulless Machine vs the Man Whose Head Expanded

so everyone and their mom is talking about the game fixing ref scandal and the NBA...but we here at A LIFETIME OF DEFEATS don't give a fuck about the NBA cuz the closest pro team to us is the Hawks and 'Nique has been gone for a long ass time. so instead i choose to talk about Barry Bonds and his quest to pass ole' Braves Legend Hank Aaron. Barry needs two more and low and behold it's the Atlanta Braves who have come to town to possibly serve up the record homer. now i'm not a betting man so i won't make any wagers but i'd be shocked if the Braves throw him a single hitable ball during the entire series. now everyone knows Barry is gonna break the record, and frankly i don't even care anymore. ESPN has beat me over the head with every possible angle of this story for so many years that i almost want to root for Barry just to see if it will make Pedro Gomez head explode. i mean everyone screams racism all the time when it comes to a media bias...but the way ESPN has a hardon for Black Athletes in Trouble (thinking about trade marking that and turning it into a series of childrens books) is kinda ridiculous. how many pieces do i really need to see on Pac Man Jones? how much hate do i need to feel for Barry? how many times do i have to hear about what T.O. did or didn't do in practice? fuck it. you are turning into Hard Copy. i just wanna see some highlights. anyways like i said i don't even give a shit if Barry breaks the fucking record, i just really don't want to see it happen to the Braves...i think i'd probably puke in my mouth from all the lame coverage it'll get.

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