Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Statue Of Liberty is a Go

NCAA 2008 comes out today. for me that equals about a month of OCD induced roster management, followed by a very detail oriented Dynasty mode where i'll either end up playing every major game from the 2007 season to the exact results as this year, or i'll just crush everyone with Auburn. all in all it's a better way to spend my Tuesday night than watching reruns of The Simpsons. expect alot of updates about my fictional college football season over the next few months.

just for the curious. the EA SPORTS NCAA FOOTBALL TOP 25 RANKINGS are as follows:
Preseason Rankings top 25
1. USC
2. Michigan
3. LSU
4. Florida
5. Texas
6. WVU
7. Wisconsin
8. OU
9. VA Tech
10. Arkansas
11. Louisville
12. Ohio State
13. Auburn
14. Nebraska
15. Tennessee
16. California
17. Penn State
18. UGA
19. UCLA
20. Rutgers
21. Florida State
22. TCU
23. Boise State
24. Texas A&M
25. Boston College

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