Thursday, July 19, 2007

Mike Vick, killer of dogs...crusher of dreams

oh Michael. it seems so long ago, back in 2001 when the Falcons made you the number 1 pick in the draft. you were the most exciting thing to hit the NFL since Barry Sanders. you were gonna save the franchise and bring us back to the superbowl. you were gonna change the way the quarterback position was played. you were gonna set all new records. the Falcons were gonna be one of the leagues elite teams. it was the land and milk and honey for a long suffering franchise. do you remember those days? and now it's 2007 and it feels like an eternity since you were the Jesus of Hotlanta. herpes, flipping off the fans, an inability to grasp the west coast system, being kinda a pussy about the media, the water bottle of weed, and dog fighting. now all i can do is look back and wonder what could have been in the Falcons hadn't traded up and instead drafted LT. ah, to dream. my thug apologist friend MB will stick up for you, but i can't anymore. Fuck you Vick, you dog killing piece of shit. I'm ready for the Joey Harrington era to begin.

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kenniebloggins said...

I'm not sticking up for Vick any more as much as I am waiting to hear the facts related to his involvement. Louis Gossett, Jr. gave a pretty great interview on ESPN radio about the subject yesterday. I have some suspicions that Vick may no longer be a Falcon sometime in the next hour. Also, remember Vick isn't actually being charged with killing the dogs, as indicated by the report. Rather, he consulted with his cohorts before they killed them. This is alleged and the wording is vague, and regardless of what the underlying truth may be, he's been villified by the press and tons of people. I doubt he'll be acquitted on all charges, but I'm pretty sure he'll finish his career elsewhere. Elsewhere may be that new football league that will emerge next year and probably crumble the following year. Ahhh, professional football is so dramatic, and college is so much more awesome.