Thursday, July 26, 2007

hey Artfag, nobody cares about your fucking DJ night...or your fantasy football team

Ah yes, it's that time of the year...the time when you and your dorky friends who think they know about football get together and begin months of shit talking, photoshopping, gay jokes, and overall loss of the ability to think about anything other than what defense you should start in week 8. yeah that's's time for some FANTASY FOOTBALL! oh yeah!

in less than 3 weeks you and your girlfriend will no longer be on speaking terms when you go out together at night because you'll be too busy huddled in a corner of the bar with your friend/team co-general manager discussing if you guys should pick up John Kitna when he starts against the Vikings or if you should really trade the Chargers defense for a backup runningback after your star back blew his knee out in week 1. regardless your life is basically over for the next few months and the only way you are getting laid is with a Japanese real doll. but honestly you'll be so drunk every weekend that you won't really care anyways. besides you've got pics of your friend's birthday party that you need to photoshop and post on your message board, you don't have time for relationships. so have fun boys. the time for shit talking is about to begin.


kenniebloggins said...

Goddamnit. Do you want to go ahead and sign up to author my bio? This was my life last Fall, and reading your entry made me feel sort of depressed.

suicidewatch said...

MB, noone knows the pain and misery that Fantasy Football causes you better than i do my friend.