Monday, September 27, 2010

Top 25.... 1 month down

A Lifetime of Defeats Top 25

1. Alabama
2. Oregon
3. Ohio State
4. TCU
5. Boise State
6. Nebraska
7. Florida
8. Wisconsin
9. Auburn
10. Stanford
11. LSU
12. Arizona
13. Oklahoma
14. Arkansas
15. Utah
16. South Carolina
17. Miami
18. USC
19. Iowa
20. Texas
21. Missouri
22. Michigan
23. Nevada
24. Oklahoma State
25. North Carolina State

Camzilla For Heisman

where the hell is Cam Newton’s Heisman love? dude is easily the best player in the SEC right now. he’s single handedly beaten Clemson and South Carolina (with a little help from Dyer and the Defense).

sure Denard Robinson is exciting and Andrew Luck has NFL #1 pick written all over him, but beating Notre Dame isn't exactly the most difficult thing in the world to do…but then again Sportswriters tend to be a lazy bunch. Newton is one of the most dangerous player in college football right now....give him some love damnit!

4-0 and ranked in the top 10 BABY!!!!

soooo. 2 schools from the state of South Carolina, multiple heart attacks, 897,000 uses of the word FUCK, and a whole lot of pretending that i wasn't gonna let myself get swept up in the Cam Newton hype....and we find our Auburn Tigers battle tested like a motherfucker. nothing has come easy for Auburn these last 2 (hell, really 3 weeks) but Auburn has figured out a way to win. 2 BIG comebacks against teams that'll more than likely be playing in bowl games shows that this ain't your Tommy Tuberville Tigers that tended to fold up the tent whenever they fell behind more than a touchdown. No, starting with last year's West Virginia comeback, this is a team that will not panic and just give up. they will fight their asses off and do whatever it takes to get the win. Do i really think Auburn is gonna challenge Alabama for the West this season? yeah, i fucking do. so with Auburn's remaining schedule there are only 3 real games that i don't see Auburn favored. Arkansas, LSU, and Alabama. LSU's offense is a broken down piece of shit. Arkansas will be a real test, Mallett is the real deal and those receivers scare me...but do you really think Arkansas can stop Auburn's running game? Me neither. and Auburn almost beat the Tide last seasons with a far less talented squad. if Auburn rolls into the Iron Bowl with a chance to claim the West title then all bets are off...i don't give a shit how fucking scary Bama looks.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Top 25

A Lifetime of Defeats Top 25

1. Alabama
2. Oregon
3. Ohio State
4. Nebraska
5. TCU
6. Boise State
7. Texas
8. Florida
9. Arkansas
10. Wisconsin
11. Arizona
12. South Carolina
13. Stanford
14. Oklahoma
15. LSU
16. Auburn
17. Utah
18. Miami
19. Iowa
20. West Virginia
21. USC
22. Michigan
23. Nevada
24. Missouri
25. Oklahoma State

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

music for the drunk and lonely. the best kind.

another Walkmen album. another record to get me through the winter. the most consistent band of the early 2000s New York indie boom has put out Lisbon today, probably their best album since Bows & Arrows (although to be honest i love all of them about the same). how these guys haven’t been more successful has always been of one of the great mysteries of the last decade. the Walkmen have done nothing to fuck up their young Dylan fronting a british post-punk band sound because smart bands don’t fuck with what works. if you are a fan then you will like it. if you aren’t a fan...well what the fuck is wrong with you?

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Who had time to burn a Quran this weekend with all that awesome football?

the best thing about the opening Sunday of the 2010 NFL season were those Ray Lewis Old Spice Commercials.

some other shit we learned:

Arian Foster is apparently a better NFL runningback than he was at Tennessee.

Darren McFadden CAN put up descent numbers for your fantasy football team as long as he's on your bench.

Vince Young is a better QB than any of the other guys drafted the same year as him.

No matter how much i want to believe in the Falcons, there only true purpose on Earth is to make me suffer.

Even when the Lions really win, they still end up with a loss.

HOLY FUCKING SHIT! Mike Williams is alive and scoring touchdowns in the NFL?!!?

That dog killer can still play some football, a little bit. (on a side note, how sick are you gonna be of hearing about the Quarterback controversy in Philly that ESPN is gonna ram down our throats all fucking season?)

Tony Romo is still overrated.

Thank Odin, God, and Allah that the NFL has returned.

my vintage 1986 NFL Pro Bowl t-shirt. who owns a fucking Pro Bowl t-shirt? apparently this asshole does.

5 predictions for the NFL Season (that have nothing to do with the Falcons)

1. The Houston Texans will finally unseat the Colts in the AFC South

2. The Raiders will win 8 games.

3. Brett Favre will get hurt and actually miss a game this year, snapping his streak.

4. CJ Spiller is gonna win the NFL Rookie of the Year.

5. The Jets are NOT going to make it to the Super Bowl

i have this weird feeling it's gonna be 2007 all over again

The next time you are bitching and whining about the way your team WON a game, stop and reflect on a team like Virginia Tech losing to James Madison.

A Lifetime of Defeats Top 25

1. Alabama
2. Ohio State
3. Oregon
4. Nebraska
5. Oklahoma
6. Florida
7. Texas
8. TCU
9. Boise State
10. Iowa
11. Wisconsin
12. Auburn
13. Arkansas
14. South Carolina
15. Arizona
16. Utah
17. Stanford
18. Michigan
19. Miami
20. Houston
21. Air Force
22. California
23. LSU
24. USC
25. West Virginia

Friday, September 10, 2010

Sound & Vision

a random selection of awesome rock and roll pics via my other blog.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

That Was Ugly, But I'll Take It

with a lot of help from CamZilla, Auburn was able to beat those suddenly dangerous Cowbell ringing fools in Starkville and escape with a lucky 17-14 win. Newton, McCalebb, and Dyer were the offensive stars again and it looks like if the Tigers are gonna make any noise in the West this year it's gonna be on the legs of those two.

and HEY, looks like we kind of have a defense...sort of. Nick Fairley is turning into the defensive line beast that we knew we'd need to replace Coleman with. how many sacks does he have this season? like 12? other than the long drive to start the 2nd half and when the special teams fucked them on that fumble, Auburn's defense was able to keep State off the scoreboard. still there are too many yards being given up to think Arkansas, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, and even LSU won't be lighting it up.

but in the SEC a win is a win is a win, these now it's time to get ready for some real tests with Clemson and South Carolina coming up next.

a confession:

you know, at almost no point in the game did i think Auburn was ACTUALLY gonna win this thing. i always love it when the Tigers prove me wrong. in the past this sort of performance against Mississippi State would've made me sick...but i feel like the Bulldogs are for real and will end up with a 7-5 record and an upset against LSU or Arkansas. I'm def not looking forward to Dan Mullen down in Starkville these next few seasons until he gets scooped up by some bigger program.

Fuck Thursday Night Football In It's Ear

my anxiety meter for tonight's Auburn/Mississippi State Thursday Night Black Hole Of ESPN Doom is about as high as it could possibly be. from the moment this game was announced i was screaming "Upset!" inside my brain.

Why do Elite schools(and by elite i just mean team's with a ton of tradition/years of winning/not members of the Big East) ever fucking play on Thursday? why would you give up a Saturday game for some extra eyeballs on ESPN? is it really that great of a recruiting tool? is it really worth playing that game and losing? i understand that team's in the Big East built up their brand by playing this time slot...and it helped those schools...but Auburn is hardly West Virginia, South Florida, or Louisville. anyways it's too late now, but i really wish the Tigers would avoid this game at all costs. i can't remember Florida, LSU, Tennessee, Georgia, or Alabama playing on Thursday. no, it's always South Carolina or Vandy. is that the company we wanna be keeping?

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Former USC Running Back To Be Stripped Of His Giant Useless Paperweight aka Heisman

it took them long enough. wait, not that one? really?

seriously taking Reggie Bush's Heisman trophy away might be the stupidest/most pointless thing that has ever happened in college football...and THAT is saying something.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

According to ESPN it's Michael Dyer's Show At Auburn

can't link to the post, but basically the true freshman is getting an elevated role in the offense this week, which is to be expected considering he easily looked like the best runningback for the Tigers.

1st week polls out.

in the polls that matter Auburn remains in the 20s. the AP has the Tigers ranked 21st and the Coaches put Auburn in a tie for 20 with Utah.

The Admiral Would've Warned Houston Nutt That It Was A Trap

one of my favorite moments from a rather excellent 1st weekend of college football was the Ole' Miss/Admiral Ackbar commercial.

1 Week Down

just in case you were wondering...yes, Nike does want to rape your eyeballs.

A Lifetime of Defeat's Top 25

1. Alabama
2. Oregon
3. Ohio State
4. Miami
5. Boise State
6. Nebraska
7. Texas
8. TCU
9. Oklahoma
10. Florida
11. Georgia
12. Virginia Tech
13. Auburn
14. Florida State
15. Arkansas
16. Iowa
17. Georgia Tech
18. Wisconsin
19. Penn State
20. Arizona
21. USC
22. BYU
23. Utah
24. West Virginia
25. LSU

Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Cam Newton Show, Starring Cam Newton as Super QB

So yeah, that was fun to watch....well the Cam Newton parts anyways. Hmmm, when's the last time you felt 100% confident about the guy taking snaps for Auburn? For me it would be Jason Campbell midway through his Senior season.
You've got to consider Newton one of the top 3 QBs in the SEC, don't you? Watching him it looks like someone gave a young grizzly bear a lesson in how to play football and put him out on the field. He's a monster! He's awesome! He's ours! Thanks Florida.

I wonder after yesterday if Urban Meyer is missing ole' Cam after the performance his Gators put on?

So yeah, Cameron Newton worship will probably be the main theme of yesterday's blowout victory...and it should be, BUT you don't name your blog A Lifetime of Defeats because you have a positive outlook on life.

And so I am here to bitch and whine about the performance of Auburn yesterday in a game where they dropped over 50 points.

And where to start....

1. THE DEFENSE = still just as shitty as last season. Auburn can't fucking stop the run. Auburn can't stop the pass. Any team with a good QB will shred us apart. Any team with a good running game will gash us for 200 yards. It's a good thing that Auburn has a good offense because I have a feeling the average score of their victories is going to be in the 35 to 28 realm.

2. FUMBLES = Mario Fannin is a real good receiver coming out of the backfield (as was obvious from his 2 touchdowns) which is why they should just move him back to H-Back fulltime. Because he CAN NOT BE TRUSTED to hang on to a motherfucking football. 1 fumble does not a season make, but his history of this has always been the reason he's been beat out by guys that he was seemingly more athletic and skilled than.

But seriously, after watching little Dyer play yesterday is there any doubt in your mind that he shouldn't be the starting tailback? Because I see a guy who could win a Heisman someday. Watching Newton and Dyer together was by far the most exciting thing about the Tigers offense. Give me more of that right now.

So yeah, Newton's performance is the reason to feel good about 2010 but the defense is gives us every reason to feel like the 2010 Tigers are going to be a team that drives me completely fucking insane. I'm stoked.

Friday, September 3, 2010

It's That Time Again

broke out my unlucky Auburn shirt today (every game i've ever worn this to the Tigers have any games i attend this year i will be leaving this at home.)

as you may have been able to tell by the complete lack of football related (or anything related, really) posts on A Lifetime Of Defeats the past several months that i really have lost complete and total interest in this blog. with any luck the Tigers will have a great season and i'll get the urge to write some more...but right now i could honestly give a fuck about this blog. so yeah, if you've been following it the past few years then thanks a lot. but my anger and profanity is lacking of late.