Monday, September 27, 2010

4-0 and ranked in the top 10 BABY!!!!

soooo. 2 schools from the state of South Carolina, multiple heart attacks, 897,000 uses of the word FUCK, and a whole lot of pretending that i wasn't gonna let myself get swept up in the Cam Newton hype....and we find our Auburn Tigers battle tested like a motherfucker. nothing has come easy for Auburn these last 2 (hell, really 3 weeks) but Auburn has figured out a way to win. 2 BIG comebacks against teams that'll more than likely be playing in bowl games shows that this ain't your Tommy Tuberville Tigers that tended to fold up the tent whenever they fell behind more than a touchdown. No, starting with last year's West Virginia comeback, this is a team that will not panic and just give up. they will fight their asses off and do whatever it takes to get the win. Do i really think Auburn is gonna challenge Alabama for the West this season? yeah, i fucking do. so with Auburn's remaining schedule there are only 3 real games that i don't see Auburn favored. Arkansas, LSU, and Alabama. LSU's offense is a broken down piece of shit. Arkansas will be a real test, Mallett is the real deal and those receivers scare me...but do you really think Arkansas can stop Auburn's running game? Me neither. and Auburn almost beat the Tide last seasons with a far less talented squad. if Auburn rolls into the Iron Bowl with a chance to claim the West title then all bets are off...i don't give a shit how fucking scary Bama looks.

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