Thursday, September 9, 2010

That Was Ugly, But I'll Take It

with a lot of help from CamZilla, Auburn was able to beat those suddenly dangerous Cowbell ringing fools in Starkville and escape with a lucky 17-14 win. Newton, McCalebb, and Dyer were the offensive stars again and it looks like if the Tigers are gonna make any noise in the West this year it's gonna be on the legs of those two.

and HEY, looks like we kind of have a defense...sort of. Nick Fairley is turning into the defensive line beast that we knew we'd need to replace Coleman with. how many sacks does he have this season? like 12? other than the long drive to start the 2nd half and when the special teams fucked them on that fumble, Auburn's defense was able to keep State off the scoreboard. still there are too many yards being given up to think Arkansas, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, and even LSU won't be lighting it up.

but in the SEC a win is a win is a win, these now it's time to get ready for some real tests with Clemson and South Carolina coming up next.

a confession:

you know, at almost no point in the game did i think Auburn was ACTUALLY gonna win this thing. i always love it when the Tigers prove me wrong. in the past this sort of performance against Mississippi State would've made me sick...but i feel like the Bulldogs are for real and will end up with a 7-5 record and an upset against LSU or Arkansas. I'm def not looking forward to Dan Mullen down in Starkville these next few seasons until he gets scooped up by some bigger program.

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