Sunday, September 12, 2010

Who had time to burn a Quran this weekend with all that awesome football?

the best thing about the opening Sunday of the 2010 NFL season were those Ray Lewis Old Spice Commercials.

some other shit we learned:

Arian Foster is apparently a better NFL runningback than he was at Tennessee.

Darren McFadden CAN put up descent numbers for your fantasy football team as long as he's on your bench.

Vince Young is a better QB than any of the other guys drafted the same year as him.

No matter how much i want to believe in the Falcons, there only true purpose on Earth is to make me suffer.

Even when the Lions really win, they still end up with a loss.

HOLY FUCKING SHIT! Mike Williams is alive and scoring touchdowns in the NFL?!!?

That dog killer can still play some football, a little bit. (on a side note, how sick are you gonna be of hearing about the Quarterback controversy in Philly that ESPN is gonna ram down our throats all fucking season?)

Tony Romo is still overrated.

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easyedwin said...

Steelers win without Ben