Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Cam Newton Show, Starring Cam Newton as Super QB

So yeah, that was fun to watch....well the Cam Newton parts anyways. Hmmm, when's the last time you felt 100% confident about the guy taking snaps for Auburn? For me it would be Jason Campbell midway through his Senior season.
You've got to consider Newton one of the top 3 QBs in the SEC, don't you? Watching him it looks like someone gave a young grizzly bear a lesson in how to play football and put him out on the field. He's a monster! He's awesome! He's ours! Thanks Florida.

I wonder after yesterday if Urban Meyer is missing ole' Cam after the performance his Gators put on?

So yeah, Cameron Newton worship will probably be the main theme of yesterday's blowout victory...and it should be, BUT you don't name your blog A Lifetime of Defeats because you have a positive outlook on life.

And so I am here to bitch and whine about the performance of Auburn yesterday in a game where they dropped over 50 points.

And where to start....

1. THE DEFENSE = still just as shitty as last season. Auburn can't fucking stop the run. Auburn can't stop the pass. Any team with a good QB will shred us apart. Any team with a good running game will gash us for 200 yards. It's a good thing that Auburn has a good offense because I have a feeling the average score of their victories is going to be in the 35 to 28 realm.

2. FUMBLES = Mario Fannin is a real good receiver coming out of the backfield (as was obvious from his 2 touchdowns) which is why they should just move him back to H-Back fulltime. Because he CAN NOT BE TRUSTED to hang on to a motherfucking football. 1 fumble does not a season make, but his history of this has always been the reason he's been beat out by guys that he was seemingly more athletic and skilled than.

But seriously, after watching little Dyer play yesterday is there any doubt in your mind that he shouldn't be the starting tailback? Because I see a guy who could win a Heisman someday. Watching Newton and Dyer together was by far the most exciting thing about the Tigers offense. Give me more of that right now.

So yeah, Newton's performance is the reason to feel good about 2010 but the defense is gives us every reason to feel like the 2010 Tigers are going to be a team that drives me completely fucking insane. I'm stoked.

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