Friday, January 1, 2010

Please Don't Steal My Laptop, I Need It For This Stupid Blog

Happy New Year, indeed Auburn fans. We got ourselves a legit QB for the 2010 season after Cam Newton officially commited yesterday. AWESOME! So yeah Auburn instantly becomes a possible SEC West contender just by landing the 5 star dual threat beast of a QB to run the Spread Eagle (it really never gets old saying that.)

Yes Cam Newton comes with some baggage, but honestly I could give a shit, he gives the Tigers a better shot of winning the next two seasons than we would've had. It also gives Rollison extra time to get his shit together or for Auburn to groom another QB in two seasons. Either way the Tigers enter 2010 without the biggest question mark of all hanging over their head for the first time in 2 years.

War Eagle.

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Anonymous said...

Seriously. Cam Newton is all good. Kodi, I hope you don't throw interceptions any more. Tyrik, workout more and practice more. Caudle, you are a little fragile. If you can beat out Cam Newton then I'll root for you as hard as anyone.