Saturday, January 9, 2010

How the fuck are you gonna Win Forever in Seatle?

don't go Pete! it's fun having you in college football stealing all the recruits away from everyone else in the Pac 10.

if Pete Carroll is really leaving LA for the Seatle fucking Seahawks then USC must about to be going on some serious probation. why else the hell would you leave THE BEST JOB (yeah, it's better than Florida and Texas cuz you get to live in LA and Win Forever) in all of football? 7 million a year is a lot of cash, but seriously why would anybody wanna deal with that meatgrinder when you could live it up in the sun?

prediction: if Pete does go pro, Matt Leinart will be trying to get his agent to get him out of Arizona and into the Northwest....probably unlikely cuz it's a division rival, but still i could see it happening. also wanna bet the Saints might be willing to trade Reggie for a draft pick?

also who would replace Carroll at USC if they aren't on probation? Kiffin would be probably a stretch after just one year on the job...but it wouldn't shock me. my guess would be another former NFL coach like John Gruden...which would make me kinda sad since i think he's pretty good on MNF.

who would've guessed a year ago that Urban Meyer would retire/not retire and that Texas Tech, South Florida, and USC would all be lookin' for new coaches this offseason?

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