Saturday, January 9, 2010

Well I Already Have One Loss Predicted For Auburn Next Year

so the Auburn vs Mississippi State game next year has been moved to a Thursday night ESPN game.

when will big time programs ever learn to JUST SAY NO! to Thursday Night!?

all it means is you are gonna lose to an underdog on national tv and get beat up in the press over it. leave Thursday night to the Big East, ACC, and the Vandys and South Carolinas. i want nothing to do with that blackhole of college football upsets.



AUcat21 said...

you're such an optimist.

jrsuicide said...

you did catch the name of the blog, right?

optimism is my game.

hey i predicted 8 wins this year and people laughed at me...just sayin.

easyedwin said...

All along I said 7-5. I stuck by it, even after we went 5-0. The crazy assed Outback Bowl was icing on the cake. We will go 6-0 this fall and win either LSU/Arky and UGA/UAT. 10 wins in '10.

easyedwin said...

P. S. We rented Adventureland. It made us want to kill ourselves!

jrsuicide said...

re movie: i hope that was a good thing.

yeah 10 wins is my expectation for next season. 9 at the least. 11 at the max. 2nd place in the west. new year's bowl again (Cotton or Capital One) and a top 15 finish.