Monday, January 25, 2010

Wow, i am actually excited about this Super Bowl

First of all, this is the first time in years that I can actually say I am excited about this Super Bowl matchup. The two best QBs in the NFL, two explosive offenses, two teams I don't loathe, a 1 seed vs a 1 seed (when was the last time that actually happened?), and no New York Jets.

Thanks Peyton for putting me out of my misery. Having to watch the Jets play football brings back too many frustrating memories of watching boring Auburn teams who played great defense and had a useless QB win games. That shit is fine for college football but I wanna see some fucking offense in the NFL. Plus Mark Sanchez would have replaced Trent Dilfer as most undeserving Super Bowl QB....and I want Dilfer to wear his crown forever.

About the Vikings/Saints game: blah blah blah, bad call, blah blah blah, NFL overtime sucks, cry, cry, whine, bitch... dude the Vikings turned the ball over 80 fucking times. They didn't deserve to win that game. Plus would a douche like Favre actually getting what he wanted actually have made you feel good? Fuck him. I'd rather root for Drew Brees anyday.

And that takes us to who I will be rooting for in the Super Bowl....Go Saints! I have no great hatred for the Manningbot. He is the greatest QB of all time (as long as he's not facing a strong 3-4 defense) but as a supporter of my own long suffering NFL franchise I am obligied to root for a team who has never won over a team that gets plenty of love and attention from the league. Besides, in New Orleans can win a championship it makes me believe the Falcons might actually pull it off someday as well.

But really I just wanna see a good game.

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