Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Now I Really Hope USC Gets Put On Probation

i knew that douchebag Kiffin was gonna get the USC job. i bet that ESPN won't be killing him for ditching the Vols after one year like they would if he had ditched Ohio State after one season for the Trojans. i also heard them throw out the term "coming off a successful season at Tennessee", did i miss something? didn't they have the same record as Auburn during the regular season and then get manhandled in their bowl game?

you can't really blame Kiffin though...it is the best job in the country. i had spent the Pete Carroll era actually enjoying USC. Carroll is a likeable coach and i am always fascinated by teams that just fucking dominate. but with an unlikable prick like Kiffin (WHO STILL HAS NEVER DONE ANYTHING THAT PROVES HE'S A GOOD COACH) running the show, they are now on the hated list.

sucks for Tennessee, but in the long run it'll probably work out for the best for them.

but Vols fans seem to be taking this well.

good sign. but i woulda gone with something more like this:

and so it goes.

top 5 names who jumped into my head:
Butch Davis
David Cutcliffe
Chris Peterson
John Gruden (since they were so all about him last year)
and Mike Leach (just fucking do it Vols, bring the Pirate to the South)


J.D. said...

I 100% agree with this point

easyedwin said...

Pat Dye