Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Agenda - "Only The Young Die Young" EP

besides writing this blog (poorly) i also sing in a band (poorly) and my band recorded a 5 song demo EP back in November. it is of the punk garage rock variety as i am a guy who grew on a healthy diet of the Ramones.

1. black knees
2. danger, danger love!
3. i just wanna know your name
4. suicide city
5. only the young die young

if you give a fuck here's a link here to download, for free.

apparently some folks have had trouble with the divshare link. here's a megaupload link that might work better. download.


easyedwin said...

2It will NOT download

gabe said...

ya...i give a fuck...and tried to it on youtube?

jrsuicide said...

most people haven't had any trouble. but i put a megaupload link that should work.

gabe said...

ya well I am old as fuck and stupid too so that is why I had a problem...can you just put the binary onto the web page for me? Then I'll take a picture with my polaroid and type the code into my binary -> music player

jrsuicide said...

hahaha. i'll get on that, quick. don't fret, it took me lay longer than it should have to figure out how to even upload those songs.

gabe said...

The 80's for a kid in the Atlanta/Montgomery I-85 corridor. Steve Barkowski, Billy Whiteshoes Johnson, William Andrews, Claudell Washington, Tommy Powell, Bo Jackson, Aundrey Bruce, Dale Murphy, Bob Horner, Phil Neikro, Glenn Hubbard, Rafeal Ramirez, Pascual Perez, Jeff Burger, Fast Freddy Weygand....did I say Dale Murphy was a prophet straight out of "Big Love"before I even knew what a mormomon was? Getting screwed out of the MNC, making it to the playoffs and having your games rained out before losing, or absolutely blowing a 4th quarter lead to the Dallas Cowboys before a 15 year absence from having a winning record again. Van Tiffin cost me $2 in 1985 and I cried. That lost bet in the 7th grade caused me more anguish than all the other bets I have lost combined. This is part of why I like this website/blog whatever the fuck you want to call it.

jrsuicide said...

Thanks Gabe. Its the misery that unites us. Glory is fleeting. Sorrow lasts forever.