Monday, January 4, 2010

Do Not Fuck With Boise

so much for TCU being more deserving of a shot at Alabama than Texas.

Boise State owns the fucking Fiesta Bowl and it owns your Mountain West and Pac 10 champs as well. any doubt in your mind that they'd beat Cincinnati or Ga Tech too if they got a shot at either of them? i think Florida will likely end the season ranked number 2, but if Boise isn't number 3 then it's a bunch of bullshit. way to go Smurfs!

so a quick question: who is the non-BCS school of the decade, Boise State or Utah? my vote is for the Smurfs.


Marcus said...

According to my calculations, here are their records since 2000:

BSU: 112-17 = 0.868
Utah: 86-36 = 0.705

Add in the two BCS bowl wins, and I think BSU is the no-brainer choice.

As an aside... holy shit, 112-17!!!! That is rather insane.

jrsuicide said...

yeah the Smurf's overall record is mindblowing...but the Mountain West is a tougher conference.

either way i think Boise's BCS victories are more impressive than Utah's. i just wish Boise State would join the Mountain West and then they'd have a more legit gripe at becoming a BCS conference.