Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Another All Star Game, Another Loss For the National League

at this point it's just starting to get ridiculous. the last time the NL won the All Star game was my junior year of high school. and before that the American League completely dominated the All Star game since 1988, only losing 3 times in the last 20 years. it's enough to make you hang your head in shame and admit that the American League really is the better league...but fuck all that.

that bit of cry-assing aside, last night was probably the BEST fucking All Star game i've ever watched in my life. 15 innings! the American league getting the bases loaded with nobody out in the 10th and then not getting a run. are you kidding? All Star Goat Dan Uggla pulling off the ultimate in All Star suckery by striking out 3 times AND committing 3 errors. Pirates' Outfielder, Nate McLouth (yeah, who?), nailing what would have been the game winning run at the plate in the bottom of the 11th with a frozen rope. both teams using up every pitcher they had giving us the option of another lame ass tie before Michael Young ended the madness with a game winning popfly in the 15th. crazy crazy shit.

some random thoughts i had while watching the game.
- i really don't watch any baseball anymore because i hadn't heard of a ton of these guys...especially on the American League.

- the only way the NL was going to win this was if they could've scored a lot of runs early while their starters were in, because the NL bench was pretty scrub tastic as far as All Star games are concerned.

-Billy Wagner sucks.

-seriously who the fuck are all these guys?

-Miguel Tejada might be a steroid using cheater who lies about his age, but he sure played his ass off last night.

-Jonathan Papelbon really should have been on my biggest douchebags in sports list. i will have to make sure to add him when the next poll comes out.

-Ryan Dempster does the weirdest fucking thing with his glove while he pitches. maybe i was drunk, but it was mesmerizing.

-whoever this Nate McLouth kid is, he rules. I'm sure he's gonna end up playing for the Yankees or Sox some day. speaking of that i wonder what the percentage of players who played in the game last night will one day play for either the Red Sox, Yankees, or Mets at some point in their careers? I'd be willing to go as high as 50%.

-the rosters of both teams need to be expanded even more and each team should be required to bring 15 pitchers just in case we go to extra innings. also the starting pitchers should both pitch at least 3 innings, unless they are getting shelled and need to be pulled for obvious reasons.

-seriously, Dan Uggla, you suck. 3 fucking errors in an All Star game?! you have just become the new Chuck Knoblauch.

-the DH should be used in both leagues for All Star games. this is something I've been saying for years because it prevents the managers from using up their bench with pinch hitters. this really has nothing to do with last night, but I'm just thinking ahead to next year.

-J.D. Drew is in the running for my least favorite ex-Braves of all time. trailing only Kenny Lofton and Gary Sheffield. can you fucking believe a Red Sox was the game MVP at Yankee stadium. i hate the fucking Red Sox.

-if it goes more than 13 innings ever again i think a homerun derby should be used to decide the winner. it makes about as much sense as the college football overtime system.

-they need to end this "The Winner gets homefield advantage" bullshit. give the team with the best record homefield advantage like they do in the NBA. it's the only thing that's fair.

-I'm too old to stay up so late watching Baseball.

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