Thursday, July 31, 2008

Top 5 Favorite Teams Of All Time

1. 1991-1992 Atlanta Braves- the team that started the Braves on their historic run. 2 great pennant races against The Dodgers and The Giants. Worst to First. vs the Twins in the greatest World Series of All Time. and then the heroics of Francisco Cabrera with Sid Bream sliding home (he's still running home right now). two painful losses in the World Series would prepare me for all the disappointment to come and then apathy would set it in, but those first two years were the greatest.

2. 2004 Auburn Tigers- the undefeated season. the best backfield in the nation. the 4 first round draft picks. crushing Georgia. beating the Tide. knocking off Tennessee twice. getting shut out of the BCS title game was a bunch of bullshit, but undefeated is better than gettin' blown the fuck out of the water by USC.

3. 2004 Atlanta Falcons- Vick was back and the Falcons were unstoppable on the ground. they won the NFC South and crushed the Rams in the playoffs and made it to the NFC Championship game only to lose to the Eagles. everything was looking up though. the Falcons were a team on the rise....and we all know how that ended. they get the nod over the 1998 Super Bowl team because 1) i thought the Dirty Bird was stupid and 2) it was a total fluke that they even beat the Vikings in the playoffs and 3) they got their asses destroyed by the Broncos.

4. 1985 Chicago Bears- the greatest football team of all time. they had videos, action figures, and Ditka. the first Super Bowl i ever watched. one of the greatest beatdowns in NFL history. the easiest non-regional team ever to root for.

5. 1988-1989 Detroit Pistons- the Motor City Bad Boys. the dirtiest team in league history. i fucking hated them when i was a kid, but as a got older i learned to appreciate how fucking awesome they were. plus they thugged the hell out of Jordan all the time and it can't be understated how much i truly hate Michael Jordan.

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