Monday, July 7, 2008

Back From Vacation, Now With 90% More Sunburn

ah, 4th of July Weekend. what better way to celebrate being an American than hanging out at the lake with hundreds of drunk rednecks, listening to Randy Travis and being cooked by the Sun's harmful rays? the answer: none.

i watched zero sports this weekend, but this is a run down of things that apparently happened.

Nadal beat Federer, which means that for the most part Federer's reign on top is probably coming to an end. to which i say, good. dude is more boring than Tim Duncan. Nadal at least rocks a wicked headband and probably plays guitar hero to celebrate his victories.

my former Evans High School classmate, Forest Griffin, defeated Rampage Jackson to win whatever the heck title they were fighting for in the UFC. Griffin continues to be the most famous person i went to high school with as i am criminally less famous than i should be.

A.Rod's wife is leaving him for fucking Madonna and lots of other hoes.

every single player on the Red Sox and Cubs made the All Star team, number of players from the Tampa Bay Rays (aka the the team with the best record in baseball) that made the team....2. number of Braves representing the city of Atlanta...2 (Chipper and McCann).

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