Thursday, July 3, 2008

Brett Favre, in danger of becoming a douche

so Brett's at it again. maybe he'll come back, maybe he won't. he's got the itch.

what the fuck ever.

if i was a Green Day fan i'd want someone to come shoot me in the face. oh wait, i'm something far far worse. a Falcons fan. i don't even have a face anymore because it was melted away like those Nazis in Raiders Of the Lost Ark after having to witness last season.

i love Brett as much as the next football fan, but this shit is ridiculous. you just had one of the best seasons in your career, got your team to the NFC title game, and then for whatever reason called it quits. so now Green Bay is ready to move on. they've committed to their young QB. they even drafted another one just in case it doesn't work out. finally they don't have to deal with the endless offseason as Brett debates if he should come back or not. BUT NO! you couldn't just go quietly. now you're giving the Packers a little tease that maybe you wanna come back. it's all a very douchebaggy thing to do. granted the Packers are better off next season if Brett Favre is their qb over Aaron Rogers, but it's starting to get to that point when Green Bay is never gonna be able to move on if they don't do it now. the team is young and talented right now and they are in a weak division, so it's a perfect time to bring in the new QB and make the transition. if Brett does come back you almost would have to trade Aaron Rogers because it would just add unnecessary drama to their season. but then if that happens you're basically stuck with a 1st year player in Brian Brohm after this year. needless to say, the Packers will take him back...they fucking have to. but it's all slightly annoying.

on a related note: all the people who are talking about how sorry they feel for Aaron Rogers though need slow their roll. i think there was this guy named Steve Young who had to ride the pine behind some dude named Montana, and you Mr. Rogers are no Steve Young. besides, it's not like anybody was gonna take Rogers for their fantasy team anyways. so what the fuck should anybody really care? i just really get sick of having to listen to this story every fucking year.

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Huevos McGringo said...

i took some flack recently for dissing on favre a bit on this issue. i was already tired of his "i think i'm retired" act well before his most recent comments. dude was total badass but he needs to hang it up and stop holding fucking press conferences or giving interviews. going out on last season is perfect timing, fully redeemed himself after a couple poor seasons, now it's time to leave the public eye and hit the links. take a few years off then get a tv gig or run for congress or some shit.