Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Biggest Douchebags in Sports...Besides Bonds and Vick

the first top 25 poll ranking douchebags in the world of sports, sports journalism, and sports entertainment. Bonds is off the list because he's a cheating asshole, not a douche. Mike Vick breaks my heart and is left off because he's in prison, so he's sort of irrelevant at this point. i no longer consider T.O. a douche, he is merely bi-polar and good at football. Pacman Jones isn't a douche...he's just stupid. if i left someone off that you despise feel free to comment.

1. Chris Berman (ruins everything he's a part of)
2. David Stern (smug asshole, fixer of games)
3. Curt Schilling (blowhard, bloody sock)
4. Jay Mariotti (whiner, blowhard, terrible writer, hated by his own town)
5. Hank Steinbrenner (blowhard, Yankee)
6. Keyshawn Johnson (asshole, ego maniac, bad interviewer)
7. Stuart Scott (retard, part of the ruining of sportscenter)
8. Roger Clemens (cheater, liar, total asshole)
9. Red Sox Nation (whiny for decades, now just annoying, also full of poseurs)
10. Tiger Woods (whiny, asshole, too fucking good to be liked)
11. Alex Rodriguez (choker, too perfect, possibly fucking Madonna, said he won't be part of the homerun derby at the All Star Game in his own park because it "might damage his swing"...what a fucking douche)
12. Stephen A. Smith (screams a lot, used to be some kind of journalist, had a bad tv show)
13. Chad Johnson (so sad to see Chad go from amusing to annoying as hell)
14. Jeremy Shockey (i don't think i need to explain why he's a douche. if you look at him, you just know)
15. Kobe Bryant (rapist, asshole, whiny)
16. Roger Goodell (fascist dictator of the NFL, made teams go play in England, covered up spy gate, needs to dial back on the suspending everyone for every little thing crap)
17. Colin Cowherd (blowhard, flip flops on everything, smug)
18. Gary Sheffield (moody asshole, cheater)
19. Mike Lupica (blowhard, only talks about things in new york, self righteous)
20. Sean Salsbury (retard, mediocre ex player and even more mediocre analyst)
21. Peyton Manning (robot)
22. Lance Armstrong (possibly a cheater, dates hot famous women, apparently an asshole)
23. Kirk Herbstreit and Lee Corso together (big 10 homers, annoying, talk out of their ass more than i do)
24. Joe Morgan (knows everything)
25. Joe Buck and Tim McCarver (everything that is wrong with Fox and their presentation of sporting events)

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