Sunday, July 27, 2008

Thug Apologists Fantasy Draft-a-thon 2008

results of our 2008 fantasy draft

round player

1 Tony Romo, QB Cowboys
2 Terrell Owens, WR Cowboys
3 Jamal Lewis, RB Browns
4 Darren Mcfadden, RB Raiders
5 Antonio Gates, TE Chargers
6 Roy Willaims, WR Lions
7 Fred Taylor, RB Jaguars
8 Chris Chambers, WR Chargers
9 New England Patriots defense
10 Chester Taylor, RB Vikings
11 Rashard Mendenhall, RB Steelers
12 Deuce Mcallister, RB Saints
13 Kevin Curtis, WR Eagles
14 Brett Favre, QB Packers
15 Reggie Williams, WR Jaguars
16 Ricky Williams, RB Dolphis
17 Jason Elam, K Falcons

that's right bitches. we got Favre is the 14th round. whatchu know bout dat? steal of the draft...hopefully. anyways our team is pretty solid. not nearly the amazing backfield we had last year of Purple Jesus and Joseph Addai, but we've got easily the best receiving corp in our league and the best QB duo as long as Favre actually gets to play cuz in this year's fantasy league we can play 2 Quarterbacks. and unlike the Atlanta Falcons we've got Darren McFadden. hopefully he can do for us this year what Purple Jesus did for us last year.

to quote kennie bloggins, "this team must be good because i don't like most of these players." word.


Huevos McGringo said...

two quarterbacks? that's madness.

i'm not so sure about favre playing. you might want to trade in reggie williams for a back-up plan.

jrsuicide said...

yeah me and mike tried to talk since into them about this 2 qbs nonsense but whatever. Favre was honestly the only thing worth taking. if he doesn't play then fuck it. we'll play 4 runningbacks.

kenniebloggins said...

Yeah, good luck with the other league and trading a receiver who had 10 tds last year. We got him in like the 14th round. It was him or rookie receivers, who are worth nothing anyway. You do the math, my friend.

Huevos McGringo said...

he was already injured, and now he's gonna miss some time.

jrsuicide said...

kenniebloggins said...

He's out for the preseason. He still had 10 tds and we got Favre in the 14th round and Williams in the 15th. By that point, he was easily the best of the garbage. That being stated, look at the 14 picks ahead of Reggie Williams. Hot shit if we don't have a ton of injuries.