Saturday, July 26, 2008

Working On Saturday Blows

some random thoughts and notes about sports and other stuff

- it's about fucking time the Braves put a beatdown on the Phillies, but this all seems too little too late. expect to see the Braves trading away anyone of value that they can't build around...aka see you later Tex.

- who knew that the worst possible thing that could happen to the Hawks would be winning 3 playoff games? coach Mike Woodson was retained, thereby pissing off all the players. Josh Smith wanted out, but the Hawks retain him because noone was willing to give him a contract that they couldn't match. Josh Childress opts to go play in Greece instead of having to endure another season with the team. also let's not forget that the Hawks added zero free agent impact players and had no draft picks.

- The Falcons are gearing up for the pre-season, right now Chris Redman is the starter but i'm sure Arthur Blank will be breathing down his new head coach's neck to put in Matt Ryan ASAP. my prediction for the Falcons this year, 4 wins 6 wins top...but that's wildly optimistic.

- Auburn had 9 players named to the media's 1st and 2nd ALL-SEC team the most of any team in the conference. Ben Tate, Lee Ziemba, and Tyrone Greene were all named to the 2nd team offense. Sen'Derrick Marks was named 1st team defense and Antonio Coleman, Tray Blackmon, and Jerraud Powers were named to the 2nd team. punter Ryan Shoemaker was a first team selection and Wes Byrum was the 2nd team kicker. LSU was 2nd with 8 players. Alabama, Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina all had 5. all in all this is pointless pre-season hype and i just want the season to start already.

- i really really wanna go see The Dark Knight again and i can't wait for the next installment. if i was a betting man (besides college football pick 'ems and NCAA backetball tournaments) i'd put my money on Catwoman and the Riddler showing up in the next film.

- why the fuck is a new X-Files movie coming out and who even cared about see it?

- although i find Katy Perry's song "i kissed a girl" to be highly annoying, i find her to be highly hot.

- i'm really bored and want to take a nap.

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Huevos McGringo said...

the x-files movie does seem ill-timed...but the poet and i watched it on saturday and it's pretty good. B+.