Thursday, April 30, 2009

Time To Fire Bobby Cox?

the man is an ICON of Atlanta sports. he helped turn what was once the laughing stock of the National League into THE TEAM of the 90s (other than the fucking Yankees!)...but over the past couple of seasons, and this one in particular, i just don't think Bobby is the man for the job anymore. i'd really hoped he was gonna retire after last season, but i think because of the Braves playing so poorly he wanted to come back again this year and turn it around. going into this year Atlanta looked to have it's strongest team in years. the pitching staff was rebuilt, the bullpen appeared to be solid, and the line up (although not scary at all) was somewhat respectable with Kelly Johnson, Chipper Jones, and Brian McCann. but here we are, a month into the season, and the Atlanta Braves find themselves hovering around .500 and not looking like a playoff contender at all.

the starting pitching has been solid but the fucking bullpen has had trouble keeping games close and the lineup that Bobby trots out there every night can't produce runs. some of this has been bad luck, McCann's eye issues are something noone can control and because of his absence Chipper has become a non-factor because noone will pitch to him. Garrett Anderson has so far been a total bust, leaving left field the same useless hole that it's been for the past 5 seasons.

but even with the injuries and lack of production from players, it's the Braves lineup that has most fans confused and frustrated. WHY in the Hell does Bobby have Kelly Johnson batting leadoff when he's been the Braves best power threat this season? Why is Casey Kotchman hitting cleanup when the guy has NO POWER WHATSOEVER? all he's doing is eliminating the threat of Chipper. why is Jordan Shafer STILL batting 8th? why aren't the Braves trying to play small ball and manufacture some runs? why have they only stolen 4 FUCKING BASES ALL SEASON? dude, Ron Gant and Fred McGriff aren't walking through that door. Make some changes goddamnit! what you are putting out there every night isn't producing results. a Little League coach could put together a better lineup than Bobby. something needs to happen quick or this season will be over by the end of May.

I love and respect Bobby Cox to death but i'm getting the feeling that he just has no idea what he is doing anymore OR even worse he's so fucking set in his ways that he refuses to make adjustments. the 90s are fucking over, the Braves are just another team now...stop protecting sacred cows. it's time to let Bobby Cox go and see what someone else can do.

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Jonathan said...

FINALLY!!! someone else who's not scared to say it.i've been hung up on twice on am680 trying to make my point.their only argument is,"but he's a first ballot hall-of-famer!"they never mention the fact that scherholtz and mazzone were responsible for 90% of his success. YES,he won 14 consecutive division titles.but don't forget he had 3 future hall-of-fame pitchers on his rotation!!!with that kind of pitching starting 75% of 162 games in a season...kinda gives a new perspective,huh? one more thing.smoltz is the winningest postseason pitcher all time.yet he left for hardware.can't say that i blame him.........

p.s. GO DAWGS!!!all you techies live it up.i realize ya'll are happy to win one every eight years.but ya'll know we're coming to take over that little ghetto gridiron of ya'lls this year.and as always,we'll make ourselves right at home.