Thursday, August 16, 2007

College Football Is A Hell Of A Drug

College Football is a disease. it gets in your blood at a young age, and no matter how much pot you smoked and how many punk shows you went to in high school that shit always comes back and takes over your soul.

for the greater part of my 29 years i have been a fan of the Auburn Tigers (save when i was a year old and told my mother i was gonna go play QB for Bama and The Bear...I'm sure my poor dad nearly lost it). i can remember being a little boy riding in the car and my dad losing his mind listening to the Tigers on the radio and wondering why he was so angry. i have always assumed my father would die of a heart attack watching the Tigers make a goal line stand against Bama to win the SEC west...actually that's sort how i want to die as well. but it's a hard road to travel. 29 years and zero national titles. 2 undefeated seasons in my lifetime but not even a sniff of that final number one ranking. last season was one of the toughest i can remember. it's always easy to go 4-7, you're usually dead in the water from the get go...but going 11-2 and being in the national title and BCS hunt until a couple of upstarts with no business even staying close, much less blowing you out, come into town and spoil your home. it's enough to make a grown man cry....and cry i have. so in 19 days that familiar sensation of joy/dread every Saturday and every day in between will come rushing back and the suicidewatch will be on. god bless this horrible, terrible, no good curse. War Fucking Eagle!


JBD said...

I'm doing this College Pick'em that MB is organizing.

Maybe I'll be in the lead all season and then lose miserably at the end -- just like that hot mess of an NCAA tournament.

kenniebloggins said...

Yeah, good luck with that one Jen.
Justin, I feel your misery, but I do have that 1992 campaign and the 1978-79 titles (I really didn't start watching football until 1980 and I immediately started out gambling on bowl games with my dad). But, being in Athens and not being around people who know what it's like to have your team go undefeated or win a national title in the past 27 years can be pretty frustrating. I'm so fucking stoked. I think we have 20 people in the pick'em now.

kenniebloggins said...

Jen, if you're in the lead the whole time, you'll win money at least and probably a decent bit.

suicidewatch said...

ah gambling and football. thank god it's almost september.