Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Let's Go Outback Tonight

Auburn to the Outback bowl!?! the next time i see Kevin Barnes in Athens i might just highfive him and scream War Eagle! into his face.

people (and by this i mean other angry SEC fans) will bitch about Auburn getting this bid, but it makes sense to me. A rabid fanbase desperate for a relevant bowl game and a logjam of 7-5 mediocrity in the SEC...i'd say Auburn fans should pack out that silly stadium with a pirate ship down in Tampa. Also having the 3rd best offense in the league probably didn't hurt either. Auburn is a lot more entertaining to watch than the Vols, Cocks, Dawgs, or Cats.

suck it Tennessee, South Carolina, Georgia, Kentucky, Arkansas.

Likely opponent in the Outback: Wisconsin (boring) or possibly Northwestern (could be a shoot out with them)

So yeah, a better bowl than we probably deserve and than any of us thought we'd get. But still a New Year's matchup in Orlando to show off the Spread Eagle 2 vs a Big 10 opponent.

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