Monday, December 28, 2009

Suicide Watch (Outback Bowl), goodbye 2009 hello future.

so our season is coming to a close. Auburn rings in the New Year by playing in the Outback Bowl vs. a whatever Big 10 school, aka Northwestern. it's the first time the two schools have ever met, so that's always kinda neat. on paper Auburn should beat the Wildcats...but losing to inferior nerd schools has been Auburn's m.o. the last couple of seasons. Northwestern is essentially Kentucky or if you think the Tigers are just gonna roll out their helmets and SEC pedigree and walk out with an easy win then you probably killed way too many braincells New Year's eve.

fact: both of these teams have good offenses and shit defenses. so i'm guessing the scoreboard might explode.

this game means very little to me. i am glad Auburn is showing improvement and a bowl win is always nice for the seniors who are leaving but when it's not a big time matchup then it's not like anybody is gonna remember the score in 2 years anyways. i'm just ready for signing day. and still praying that noone sneak attacks the Tigers and steals our O.C.

anyways: a salute to Todd, Tate, Coleman, & all the other seniors who helped turn the program around after the Season of Death. we love you all and will miss you. good luck.

chance of tragedy: 7, it's a New Year's bowl game that Auburn is probably not going to be into nearly as much as Northwestern. anything is possible. but i think Auburn wins a shoot out 35-27

method of death: vaporized by weird nerd science

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