Monday, December 21, 2009


without a doubt for me, the Best movie of 2009 was Inglorious Basterds.

sometimes it’s easy to forget why we all loved Tarantino in the beginning…what with him being so in love with himself, but for a movie geek he delivers the goods. every good Tarantino movie is like a really awesome mixtape. nobody genre blends better. by combining my two favorite action genres (the western/and the world war II adventure movie) QT delivered his most entertaining and accomplished movie since Pulp Fiction. it gave us one of the best villains in years with SS Col. Hans Landa (if he doesn’t win best supporting actor then the award then i will be shocked). it gave us the Bear Jew. it gave us HUGO FUCKING STIGLITZ. it gave us the Tavern scene. and most of all it gave me my crush of the year, Mélanie Laurent. thanks QT. you did good. real good.

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