Thursday, December 3, 2009

He's Coming

this Sunday, Mike Vick returns to the Dome. granted he's just the 3rd string QB for the Eagles and will probably be on the field 5 or 6 the most, and yet i am fucking dreading every second of this. i'm smart enough to know that shit could get really mean and really nasty in the Dome (and especially outside where supporters and protesters will surely have a few words with one another) i call for the fans of the Falcons, those who are against and those who support Mike Vick, to use some common sense on Sunday afternoon. let's all be as civil about this thing as possible. let's try to be as mature and calm as we can. let's not let a potentially ugly situation turn into something more than an ex-player who some people love and some people hate that some will cheer and some will boo. please. do it for the kids. be adults.

but if Mike Vick should take the field and be snapped in half by an on coming rusher...well that wouldn't be so bad either.

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