Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Best College Football Players Of the Decade

Top 10 Offensive Players of the Decade

1. Vince Young, Texas Longhorns QB

the 2 most dominating performances the Rose Bowl has ever seen, 2005 National Champ, Won the greatest game i ever saw, best player who never won a Heisman. threw for over 6000 yards and rushed for over 3100.

2. Reggie Bush, USC Trojans RB

2005 Heisman Trophy winner, 2 National Titles, Most electrifying college football player i've ever seen.

and of course this:

3. Tim Tebow, Florida Gators QB

1st Heisman winner Sophomore, best powerback/QB combo ever, broke every record the SEC had that was worth breaking, 2 national titles

4. Matt Leinart, USC Trojans QB

2004 Heisman Trophy winner, 2 time national champion, banged more chicks in college than you can even comprehend

5. Darren McFadden, Arkansas Razorbacks RB

the only 2 time Heisman trophy runner-up, 2 time All-American, started this whole Wild Cat craze, rushed for an SEC record 321 yards in a game vs South Carolina, the most awesome SEC runningback ever without the last name Walker or Jackson.

6. Michael Crabtree, Texas Tech WR

2 time Biletnikoff Award winner, 2 time All-American, most awesome game winning touchdown catch and run of the decade.

7. Calvin Johnson, Georgia Tech WR

best WR ever. no debate. just think if he didn't have Reggie Ball throwing to him for 3 years.

8. Adrian Peterson, Oklahoma Sooners RB

set the freshman rushing record with 1925 yards, finished 2nd in the Heisman is a true freshman, would've probably gone down as one of the all time greatest college RBs ever if not for injuries his sophomore and junior years.

9. Larry Fitzgerald, Pitt Panthers WR

2003 Biletnikoff Award, All American, 2003 Walter Camp Award Winner as a Sophomore, Heisman Trohpy Runner Up to Jason White's sorry ass. holds an NCAA record with at least one touchdown catch in 18 straight games.

10. Pat White, West Virginia Mountaineers QB

my favorite non-Auburn player of the decade...easily, won 4 bowl games, made West Virginia a household name, lead his team to huge upsets over UGA and Oklahoma in BCS bowls, best running QB of all time.


Joe Thomas, Wisconsin LT

most dominant offensive lineman i've ever watched play football. made people think Wisconsin was actually good.

Top 10 Defensive Players
1. Julius Pepper, North Carolina DE
2. Tommie Harris, Oklahoma DT
3. Ed Reed, Miami S
4. Glenn Dorsey, LSU DT
5. Eric Berry, Tennessee S
6. Patrick Willis, Ole Miss LB
7. DeAngelo Hall, Virginia Tech CB
8. Sean Taylor, Miami S
9. Jonathan Vilma, Miami LB
10. AJ Hawk, Ohio State LB