Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Fuck The Saints. I Hope Your City Floods Again.

take that statement as a joke. i would never actually wish death and destruction on a city, even one as shitty as New Orleans. aka the most overrated city in america. what you can't get drunk in your own town?

anyways the loss last night was sort of a sickening one. Mike Smith made poor choices and left me feeling like there is no way that guy can win a Super Bowl. Michael Turner ran like shit and makes me wonder if the Falcons should dump him in the offseason and find a pair of younger legs. Matt Ryan tried to do everything and got very little help from anyone not named Roddy White. the Falcons #1 draft priority needs to be a fucking WR...that was painfully obvious when Michael Jenkins is dropping passes that hit him in the arms when he's wide fucking open. the mystique of the Georgia Dome is all but gone. Atlanta should be able to wrap up homefield by beating the Panthers on Sunday (never a given no matter how shitty they look) but do you really feel as confidant that Atlanta can defend the Dome should they have to face the Packers or Saints in a few weeks? i don't.

in other words: I AM IN PANIC MODE!!!!!

the defense played well and i think are still the most underrated unit in the NFL. holding Drew Brees to 17 points should be enough, it was the offense that lost that fucking game. hopefully Atlanta can lay a nice asswhipping on Carolina and get some of their swagger back because after the game last night i don't think anyone believes the Falcons are the best team in the NFC anymore.

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