Monday, December 6, 2010

Ranking The Top 10 Bowl Matchups I Will Actually Want to Watch

1. Auburn vs. Oregon in the BCS Championship

duh. Auburn all the way.

2. Arkansas vs. Ohio State in the Sugar Bowl

i have a feeling that if Ohio State is EVER gonna beat an SEC team then this is their best chance yet. if the Hawgs win then i fully expect Petrino to weasel his way out of Arkansas and onto a bigger stage (assuming Miami hasn't hired a coach yet).

my early lean is on the Buckeyes.

3. Alabama vs. Michigan State in the Capital One Bowl

Saban vs one of his old teams, Michigan State. 1 team that started the year thinking they were a lock to repeat as champs vs. the most surprising 1 loss team in the country that will have a huge chip on it's shoulder after getting left out of the BCS. this is the best non-BCS matchup of all.

if Bama's players are actually focused and not thinking about their draft stock then i think the Tide takes care of business.

4. LSU vs. Texas A&M in the Cotton Bowl

the hottest team in the Big 12 vs. LSU in the Jerry Dome. this could be a preview of a future SEC rivalry game whenever the hell the Big 12 minus 2 finally dies and A&M jumps into the South Eastern Conference.

i think A&M could knock off LSU, but why would you ever pick against Les Miles?

5. Boise State vs. Utah in the Las Vegas Bowl

this is a matchup i've wanted to see for the last few years. the two most successful non-BCS schools of the BCS era vs. one another to let us know who is the best upstart program in the land. this game comes a few years too late for me, especially since Utah is now off the big leagues as a member of the Pac 12 and Boise State is stepping in to take the Ute's place as the Mountain West's top dog.

Boise is the better team and will probably want to send a message to the country with an epic beatdown.

6. South Carolina vs. FSU in the Chick-Fila bowl

Ol' Ball Coach vs. his old rival FSU! sure, Bobby isn't on the sidelines anymore...but it's hard not to imagine that Spurrier doesn't wanna put a whooping on FSU anyways. old hates die hard.

7. Georgia Tech vs. Air Force in the Independence Bowl

for 80s fans this is the game for you! who isn't pumped about a matchup of the two best option attack teams in the country?! the over/under for total passes thrown in this game is probably around 13. this game will be about 1 hour long and full of option madness. i can't fucking wait! Tech all the way.

8. Mississippi State vs. Michigan in the Gator Bowl

this game intrigues me because i'm not sure if either team's headcoach will even be coaching in this game. assuming RichRod isn't fired and Dan Mullen doesn't bolt for Miami then we could see a really great showdown. i'm interested how Denard Robinson can do vs. a SEC defense. my thought is pretty damn well. i'm leaning with Michigan here even though i know they won't be able to stop Mississippi State from scoring at will. i think Robinson has a big day and gets his Heisman candidacy for next year cranked up.

(a random thought) what if RichRod does get fired and Michigan is able to hire Jim Harbaugh from Stanford? will Denard stick around and try and play in a pro style offense or will he transfer and sit out a year. if he does transfer i would hope the coaches at some school called Auburn would like to show him a reel of Cam Newton's Heisman material.

9. The Rose Bowl and Orange Bowl

i have basically the same feeling about both of these games. i will watch them, but these aren't matchups i want to see. i really would rather see Stanford vs. Wisconsin and Va Tech vs TCU. i think both of those would be better more competitive matchups, instead i'm expecting blowouts by both Wisconsin and Stanford.

10. Notre Dame vs. Miami in the Sun Bowl

not really a very compelling match up but still i was such a big fan of this rivalry when i was a kid and always rooted for the U to take out the Irish. i will be watching out of nostalgia's sake.

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