Monday, June 14, 2010

East Bound & Down?

So it's looking more and more like Texas A&M is about to become the 13th member of the SEC. Rumored targets for that 14th spot seem to be the usual suspects of Clemson, Georgia Tech (my vote), Miami, FSU (my 2nd choice), Virginia Tech (boring), and possibly even Big 12 leftovers Kansas (huh?) or Missouri (another fucking Tiger!) The addition of Mizzou kind of makes the most sense as far as expanding the leagues footprint into new markets goes. It would give the league a midwestern team with two large tv markets (Kansas City & St. Louis). Where Texas A&M seems like a perfect fit, it's hard to imagine Missouri as a member of the conference...but then again Arkansas doesn't really make much sense either. One thing that can be certain is that if the SEC adds two Big 12 schools then Auburn is gonna be the SEC West school sent packing to the East.

Auburn moving the Eastern Division and back to yearly rivalry games with Florida and Tennessee would fire up oldschool fans, despite the fact we'd lose our yearly matchups with LSU that most of us love so much. and the lighter competition near the bottom of the league with Kentucky and Vandy would be nice (not that recent matchups should prove that to be a fact). Also the dream scenario of possibly facing Alabama in an SEC title game some day would suddenly be a possibility. And who doesn't want to see that?

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