Thursday, June 10, 2010

Still talking about 2004 (like an asshole)

Forfeit. What an ugly word.

So the hammer is finally coming for USC and at least the possibility exists that they may be stripped of wins during the 2004 season...a season that some team you may or may not have ever heard from some town in Alabama got royally screwed. This is going to of course rile up a fanbase that has been hanging on to this feeling of being cheated for the last 5 years to the point that it's starting to be like Auburn is that dude who won't shut the fuck up abput that ex girlfriend who cheated on him and married some other dude. Noone cares anymore but you dude. And you were just starting to get over it AND then suddenly that bitch is getting a divorce and all those old scars are rearing their ugly head........and so what does this now mean regarding the 2004 season? Should Auburn be retroactively awarded the BCS championship despite the fact they didn't play in the game? Technically shouldn't it fall to Oklahoma? Oklahoma did get crushed on national tv in the most one sided beatdown in a title game of the last decade and Auburn DID go undefeated. What about Utah? this is making my head hurt.

Auburn fans be a crazy (some would say whiny, overly sensitive, borderline insane) group and they are gonna want a piece of that 2004 title no matter what. My solution for what should become of the 2004 title would be an old fashioned split. Auburn could be retroactively awarded the 2004 AP National Title by the sportswriters who I think would all agree were a better team than the Sooners and Oklahoma would be the default BCS champs since they will have technically had the title game forfeited to them. Some Auburn fans will cry "fuck that bullshit!" but I think it is the most logical way to resolve an issue that really doesn't even fucking matter anymore. I mean it was 6 years ago. All the players and coaches are gone now anyways. But yeah, I'm just sayin' it's probably not the worst idea in the world. Besides getting an AP title kinda feels like the more respectable of the two anyways.

But honestly I say fuck it. Noone needs a goddamn trophy or AP poll to tell Auburn fans that the 2004 Tigers were awesome. It's time to let go of the past.

As far as that Heisman goes in 2005....send that shit to Vince Young now! He deserved it more back then anyways.

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