Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Well that was no big deal after all.

So a lot of hype and worry and all we get are a 12 team Big 10, a likely 12 team Pac 10 (once Utah jumps ship), and a 10 team Big 12. Math is hard. Oh yeah and Boise State joined the Mountain West...who should possibly think about adding Houston as well...just sayin. Anyways the SEC gets to stay as is, which I think is mostly a relief to all of us. As fun as the thought of getting Texas A&M kind of was, i'd rather not add another school to fuck shit up for Auburn if we can help it.

Regardless of Texas saving what's left of the Big 12 I still imagine we will see Big Ten expansion to 16 teams in the next five years and the same from the Pac 10/12 and the SEC as well. Greed is the real power in college football and the dollar signs were just lighting up everyone's eyes last week.

3 thoughts on the conference realignments.
1. Nebraska is going to be able to kick some serious ass in the Big Ten. I predict at least 5 or 6 matchups with Ohio State in the Big 10 title game over this next decade...assuming they hold at 12 teams.

2. Colorado and Utah will both be middle of the pack schools in the Pac 12 at best and likely near the bottom of the standings every season. This is no big change for Colorado lately, but I think Utah is going to regret leaving the Mountain West where it was a lot easier to go undefeated and get to BCS games. Utah will be lucky to go 8-4 vs. the likes of USC (probation or not), UCLA, Oregon, Oregon State, and improving Washington, Stanford, Cal, and the Arizona schools. The only real teams I think they'll be better than on a year to year basis will be Washington State and Colorado.

3. Boise State will step in to the Mountain West and keep kicking ass like they always do. Sure BYU and TCU will offer tougher challenges than Nevada and Fresno...but still I see BCS bowls in the Smurfs' future.

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