Monday, June 9, 2008

PRESEASON TOP 25s are made to build up your hopes to later be crushed.

so i finally got my Phil Steele and i've just begun to strain my eyes at the tiny print and cause brain trauma trying to figure out his odd abbreviation system (yes i know there is a glossary in the back, but glossaries are like instruction manuals and those are for pussies). but regardless of all that i've finally got Phil's limitless knowledge of college football now at my disposal and along with the Lindy's and Athlon 08 previews already having been digested i feel it's time to unleash my own pointless and misguided attempt at a preseason top 25 that in all honesty will be something to look back on with scorn and laughter in February. so here it goes:


1. USC
2. Florida
3. UGA
4. Oklahoma
5. Ohio State
6. West Fucking Virginia
7. Auburn (call it cautious optimism)
8. LSU
9. Clemson
10. Texas
11. Missouri
12. South Florida
13. BYU
14. Virginia Tech
15. Texas Tech
16. Arizona State
17. Tennessee
18. Wisconsin
19. Kansas
20. Florida State
21. Oregon
22. Penn State
23. Illinois
24. Alabama
25. South Carolina

other notable teams that might be good this year are: Wake Forest, Boise State, Fresno State, Pitt, Utah, California, Washington (hey they've got Jake Locker), North Carolina, Miami, and Mississippi State

i don't really have much to say about my top 25 other than it's sort of a compilation of the 4 other top 25s I've looked at (Phil Steele, ESPN, Lindy's, Athlon).

USC lands my number one spot outta both fear and respect. the Trojans are loaded with 1st round picks on defense and have the most 5 star recruits of any team in the nation. they also have a QB in Mark Sanchez who some think will end up being the best of the Carson Palmer, Matt Lienart, John David Booty run. they take on Ohio State early in the season and after they destroy the Buckeyes in LA the national title will be there's for the taking. Florida seems like the team that would be best built to take on the Trojans in a final battle between the decade's most dominate team vs. the decade's most dominant league. Tebow can do us proud. 4 SEC teams in the top 10 and 7 teams in the top 25 might seem excessive, but i do live in SEC fuck you if you've got a problem with that.

the top on my list reflects the same top 5 teams on every body's list in a different order. who am i to argue with collective wisdom? Auburn gets a little love bump and LSU gets a nod in the top 10 outta respect for their talent and the fact they are reigning champs. West fucking Virginia is about where they always are, middle of the top 10...waiting for a chance. Clemson gets the love because of their offensive weapons and the fact everyone in the ACC looks terrible...but when's the last time Clemson lived up to expectations? Texas rounds out the top 10 on name alone.

after that you've got a host of teams with a lot of potential but also the potential to burst into flames. Missouri and South Florida both were two of last season's hottest teams. can they both do it again? i have my doubts. BYU is getting a lot of that little school who could break into the BCS love...and I'm all for it. BYU has dominated their conference the past few seasons and has beaten two Pac 10 teams in two straight bowl games. if the Cougars can make it through this season with an undefeated record in the Mountain West and at least a split in their two Pac 10 games then they should definitely get an at large bid. you gotta give some love to the Mormons. a lot of people are expecting this to be Texas Tech's breakout year with all their firepower on offense and with an improved defense. i think they're probably due for a 10 win season, an upset of either Oklahoma or Texas, a head scratching loss to some terrible unranked team like Baylor, and then a trip to the Cotton Bowl. Virginia Tech gets by on being the most consistent team in the country year in and year out. you know they'll probably win 10 games, and possibly win the ACC if Clemson slips up, and then get beaten by someone in a bowl game. it's what well call Beamerball.

teams in this top 25 i don't actually believe in are Illinois, Kansas, and Arizona State but since they all finished last season ranked and going to major bowl games i figured i owe them the benefit of the doubt. the rest of the list is just a lot of laziness and guessing. anyways if you don't like it make your own.

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