Friday, October 12, 2012

Win or GTFO

that was a LOOOOOOOONG time ago, bro.
so not really much to say about the Tigers and Ole' Miss this weekend. Auburn is a road underdog, as they should be. i doubt very many people have any faith Auburn can win. it would take a completely dominate defensive performance and some good luck on special teams to even give the Tigers a chance. but let's be totally real. Auburn is gonna lose. hell they might get blown out. by Ole' Miss. that is a very fucking real possibility. and assuming that happens, then what? rumors are all over the internet that the players have given up on the season (not that i needed internet rumors...i have been watching the games). claims are being made that the players don't believe in Chizik and are telling recruits not to come to Auburn. how much of that is true? ehhh, who knows? who cares? also can we fire Chizik's wife?

a question for the Auburn faithful: At this point with the season completely lost and just getting to a mediocre bowl game is the best this team can do, are you rooting for Auburn to keep losing and hoping it forces Jay Jacobs' hand and he fires Chizik? can you really root for Auburn to lose?

fuck it. just bury me up to my neck and cut off my ears and cover me in ants. it would be less painful than watching Auburn play football right now.


Jacob said...

Honestly, I want to see Jay Jacobs gone too. I want to see somebody who doesn't give a fuck what Pat Dye thinks. That's part of the problem. They are still listening to a coach that they fired 20 years ago. Run that fucker off and bring in people who don't think with a dementia infested brain.

JRS1 said...

I agree Jay Jacobs should be fired. Unfortunately the only way that would go down is if Auburn got put on probation and I sure as shit don't want that to happen.

Jacob said...

Hmmm, so that leaves us with Jay Jacobs either quitting or meeting an untimely death...I'm willing to bring my shovel and go in halves on gas money