Saturday, October 6, 2012

The Gene Chizik Lose Explosion!


you know what they always say, "terrible defense beats terrible offense everyday".

well that turned out basically the way you should have imagined it would turn out. after playing their hearts out vs. LSU and then going on a bye week and getting a team that looked like it had given up on it's season what would you have expected from Auburn? a victory? well that is because you are a fucking fool. why else did you choose to root for Auburn? probably the same reason as me. your father forced this curse upon you. whatever fuck it. the season is over. Auburn isn't going to win more than 4 games. UGA and Bama and probably Texas A&M are gonna crush the Tigers by about 40 points each.  and i am just too emotionally drained to care anymore. Auburn is a joke. they are in the Kentucky and Vanderbilt category of SEC teams. easy wins for the top tier teams to pile up their stats against. our recruits are overrated. our play calling is awful. our coaches are inept. our team is shit. i just don't know what you can say after seeing something like today that is remotely positive. 

at certain points i wondered to myself if Auburn is actually better off under Gene Chizik than they were in the later Tuberville seasons? none of those Tubby teams looked close to this clueless. sure i can't complain about 2010. but let's all just be honest and give that credit to our former offensive coordinator and our super human QB. Chizik was just along for the ride. so the countdown to the Chiz gettin' fired starts today. is he gonna hang on to his job this season? yeah...unless they do something insane like lose to New Mexico State or Alabama A&M. but you know that certain boosters are fueling up their private jets and looking longingly towards Bobby Petrino, Dana Holgorsen, and Gus Malzhan. but no, the Chiz has his job security....for one more year. but anything less than a 9 win season next year should end with a pink slip. i don't care what his fucking buy out is. he is paid to win football games...not whatever the hell he's doing this year. 

Auburn won't be down forever, but it feels like we have fallen down and dark deep hole and gotten trapped under a giant boulder and we might need to gnaw some of our limbs off to escape. 

War Eagle, you fuckers. i am getting drunk.


Marcus said...

I actually chose AU, from a family that are all Bama fans! Always been an outsider, so was drawn to AU as the sort of Daniel San to Bama's Cobra Kai. Stupid 80's movies lied, the underdogs don't always win.
Did you see the offensive comparison between this team and the 2008 & 2003 teams after 5 games? This offense is worse (way worse) than both the Franklin & Nallsmenger debacles. I'm getting drunk too. War Eagle anyway.

JRS1 said...

Yeah my dad says he chose the Tigers because of his foolish love of underdogs. I had no clue as child during the 80s that Auburn could ever be bad at football. Oh how I have learned better.

This doesn't suprise me that the offense is worse. It looks 10 times more inept. Hell Chris Todd could complete a pass sometimes. Maybe trying to shoehorn your spread players into a half asses pro style offense wasn't such a hot idea. I don't know. Maybe I am too stupid to understand these things.