Thursday, August 12, 2010

this has nothing to do with football. aka do yourself a favor and see A Prophet.

File under: see this movie right now.

Finally out on DVD is the French prison/crime drama A Prophet (un prophete), directed by Jaqcues Audiard who made the equally awesome The Beat My Heart Skipped. It tells of the story of a French born Arab named Malik who is sent to prison for 6 years and his quest for survival which leads to his involvement with a Corsican crime family. This movie is easily one of the best films I’ve seen in the last few years and might just be one of the coolest crime dramas ever. Tahar Rahim who plays Malik is fucking awesome and gives the film the sort of energy and presence that would make him a huge star if he were American.

seriously, Rahim's Malik is one of the best movie badasses in a long time. he's a man who doesn't belong with anyone. an Arab who isn't Muslim, a gangster who isn't Corsican. he plays all sides and does whatever it takes to survive.

it's gritty and realistically violent and has one of the best shootout scenes i've seen in a long long time. Rent this movie asap, you won’t be disappointed.

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