Wednesday, February 3, 2010


you did good Chiz, you did good.

Auburn is currently ranked #3 in the country by rivals, ahead of ALL their major rivals in Alabama, LSU, UGA, & the rest of the SEC...other than Florida. they kept all their major commitments and hauled in three 5 Star Studs. if Auburn can pull in another class like this next year then there is no reason not to believe that a National Championship might actually fucking happen in our lifetime...and on Gene Chizik's fucking watch?! but i promise not to get too carried away about this sorta thing. they are just high school kids who have yet to play a down of college football but seriously with THIS much talent coming's hard not to see things looking anywhere but up. if the Tigers can just hold on to their coveted offensive guru for another year then i might actually say 2011 could be Auburn's year...finally. oh to dream.

i don't know enough about recruiting to do silly things like grade the class. all i care is that Auburn found an uber-talented runningback, a HUGE BEAST LIKE QB who can start right away, lots of solid linebackers, some talented WR's, and tons of beef on the offensive and defensive lines. i would say that all needs were met. sure it would've been nice to add another one of those 5 star backs that we were after, but Dyer has been the guy since word go who wanted to come here and i see him becoming a super star. besides....we got this dude as insurance just in case:

marvel at Ladarious Phillips, your new 6 foot 1 275 pound wrecking ball for goalline stands.


gabe said...

Ladarius Fuckin Phillips is his name! Jorvorskie Lane is what I see with this guy. We already have a burner in McCaleb and all around stud in Dyer. After Phillips abuses some linebackers and safeties a few times it will be harder for the d's to catch Newton and McCaleb around the perimeter.

MLH said...

Best highlight video ever. Thanks for the link. Good post mane.