Wednesday, February 24, 2010

So Long and Thanks For the Facebook posts

Tyrik Rollison (did i spell that right? do i even give a shit anymore) is saying, "peace out Tigers" and transferring to Sam Houston State.

The former would be savior of the Auburn football team was last years biggest signing from a fan stand point and his poor grasp of the English language was always a source of entertainment for me on facebook. And now he's gone. THIS is why you should NEVER get too excited about a high school kid who signs with your school before he has ever played a game.

I'm sure the older elements of the Tiger fanbase will have some less than flattering things to say but I've always tried to be rational in matters like this. If the kid doesn't wanna be here than let him go. He wasn't gonna start next year anyways and he's already had a suspension and grade issues. If there is one position where grade issues should be a concern it's your fucking QB.

Dramarama before the spring game is always a good way to get me thinking about football again.


Marcus said...

A Raising Arizona reference. Nice. Best movie ever!

jrsuicide said...

agreed. it is my all time favorite.

easyedwin said...

I was told TR got into a fist fight at Skybar last fall. The coaches were pissed.