Friday, July 10, 2009

Who Wants To Bet Me that Ole' Miss Is Going 7-5?

i've been meaning to post about this all week but i was busy.

so Cari dropped this knowledge to me via email that she got a press release informing her that the Ole' Miss Rebels would be taking part in a reality TV show.

the main quote:

USSE has been contracted by TruTV to develop this show about the personalities and daily occurrences of the Ole Miss Football team. Focus will be on the trials and tribulations of current and incoming student athletes as they try to make the starting team. Returning upper classmen must fend off the challenge of the "new kids on the block."

The show will also revolve around the personalities of Head Coach Houston Nutt and his assistants. The audience will get a glimpse of the on-field and behind the scenes action, getting up front and personal with the coaches and players. Shooting will take place during the summer training camp period.

can you say distraction?

i mean i know Ole Miss is everybody's hip pick to be a top 10 team and maybe win the SEC West but does anyone remember that they are OLE FUCKING MISS...a team that hasn't won an SEC title since 1963 and is the ONLY team in the West that's never even been to an SEC championship game (yeah even Mississippi State was able to pull that off once). they are also a team that is coached by Houston Nutt...who does fine job as a darkhorse that kinda comes out of nowhere but isn't really big on living up to expectations. if you are betting on the Rebels winning the West this year then i will gladly take your money from you. i think they'll win 8 games...MAX and be lucky if they don't end up in 4th place behind LSU, Bama, and Arkansas.

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