Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Maybe I Should Delete These Kids From My Facebook Friends List

things i've learned from our incoming Freshmen QBs via their Facebook pages that i honestly would rather not know.

Tyrik Rollison is obsessed with all the fake Tyrik Rollison profiles that exist on facebook and posts about it about 10 times a day begging for Auburn fans to "do something about it".

Clint Mosely is just as pissed off and emo as i was at 18 and will freely share that he doesn't feel good, hates practice, and is sick and tired of workouts. not that i blame him... i spent the summer after my senior year doing drugs and getting wasted, not having to learn a playbook and lifting weights...so i feel his emo pain.

Mario Fannin on the other hand is ALL PARTY ALL THE TIME. seriously i want to hangout with that dude, he seems fucking awesome.

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