Thursday, March 18, 2010

Random thoughts about day 1 of march madness (part 1)

-I've watched about 3 college basketball games all year. This is the least I have ever known or been prepared about my tourney bracket....which should automatically make this my must likely one to win my pool.
-what the hell happened to Luke Wilson? Remember when he was an actor and not a cellphone salesman?
-with half the country out of work i'd have to guess this is gonna be the highest rated March Madness ever.
-BYU has to the be the only team in college basketball that starts 5 white guys. I feel like I am watching Hoosiers.
-Ummm. Is Villanova trying to ruin my life?
-too much pizza......
-I would rather be at SXSW than watching this
-i guess white boys can play. BYU looks like the kinda scary team that may just fuck my bracket up big time.
-Villinova is 100% lucky to have won that game. i hope next time their coach wants to make a pointless "teaching lesson" he does it in a meaningless regular season game. i can't believe i picked those turds to make it to the final four.


Anonymous said...

northern iowa had a bunch of white dudes too...don't know if 5 started but there was definitely 5 on the floor a lot.

Matt W said...

This is my first time to enjoy all the basketball games since I was in college. I guess unemployment does have its perks.

Why is it that every lower-tier conference school in this tournament has been able to recruit some big 6'10" or 6'11" dude, and Auburn hasn't? Montana has a dude who could play and is 6'11". Murray State has 6'9" Tony Easley out of Auburn High School. I hope the next coach will find some guys with size who will contribute.