Monday, October 18, 2010

I Believe? Sorta.

my eyes are still fucking bleeding from that scoring orgy. that was like watching a game of Madden between me and my old roomate. you just knew the 1st team to commit a turnover was gonna lose because punting wasn't really in the playbook.

so yeah Auburn dropped a million points on Arkansas. awesome. stoked. but they also gave up half a million points in the process and were helped out a good deal on some questionable replay calls. i feel great about the win, in that Auburn won, but i am still not 100% sure i can believe in this team...but that's sort of been my approach to the 2010 Auburn Tigers all season. i went into the year saying we would win 10 games and go to the Capital One Bowl. and up til now i STILL believe that will happen at the very least. the words BCS Champs didn't and still haven't entered my brain. when your team's defense is that fucking shitty and you are that reliant on 1 guy (aka Newton) then it's just hard to see how we can keep possibly beating good teams.

but then there is the part of my brain that says, fuck that! we are totally going undefeated, winning the national title, cam newton is winning the Heisman, kiss our asses, we are the champs!!!

but i really don't let that come out too much, mostly i am still cautious of this squad. every week i tell my friend Mike (a noted Alabama fan) that the Tigers are gonna lose this week. i say things like, "well if i HAD to pick a loss, then i'm okay with this one." but with LSU, that is not the case. going into the year i had 4 games ranked in order of how bad i wanted Auburn to win. they were UGA, LSU, BAMA, & that order. but i just can't let myself believer Auburn can win them all. call it 32 years of rooting for a team that always seems to screw themselves or get screwed at some point in the year. i'm just not comfortable thinking my team is a champion (you can obviously blame the Braves, Falcons, and Hawks for my pessimistic attitude towards fandom).

but i WANT to believe in Auburn. i NEED to believe in Auburn....because i think we can all be totally honest with ourselves and say that THIS IS THE BEST CHANCE AUBURN IS GOING TO GET AT A BCS TITLE ANYTIME SOON. i know you guys are all thinking it.


next year Auburn is going to be minus our two best defensive players in Josh Bynes and Nick Fairley (so gone to the NFL) plus a number of other valuable members of the trash heap that can't stop anything. we might be looking at a bunch of freshmen and sophomores out their getting lit up next year.

we also will have to replace 4 out of 5 offensive linemen with a bunch of redshirt freshmen, junior college transfers, and guys converted to linemen...not exactly something that has me sleeping easy.

ole' Gustav is so fucking gone after this year that it makes me wanna cry. with the way he turned Auburn from a laughing stock offensively in the SEC to one of the top 5 units in the country, there is no fucking way he's sticking around 1 more season. besides Jim Harbaugh, he's probably gonna be the hottest coach in the country. and

if we lose him, do you really think Cam Newton might just take that leap to the NFL while his stock is up? i do. and so we go into '11 with the option of Barrett Trotter (who can't seem to stay healthy) or Clint Mosely (who was a 3 star recruit) or a true freshman.

not to mention we must replace our field goal kicker, will have serious lack of depth at tailback, and likely might lose Darvin Adams a year early to the draft. all in all if 2010 doesn't have a championship at the end of the tunnel, i'm not sure another is likely for at least another 3 or 4 years.

so no pressure Tigers, but YOU HAVE TO WIN NOW.


gabe said...

LSU put up 29 points on Miss St...we had 17. LSU will probably kick our ass. We do have a chance, I'm not saying Cam can't pull this off and our D can't come up with a few more big plays...we definitely can. Still

gabe said...

I put 20 bucks up with 45 to 1 odds at teh beginning of the year for Auburn to wint he BCS...the odds are down to 7 to 1 now.

Doesn't matter...I'm more worreid about how our defense is going to do the first time Steven RIdley runs the ball this week and the first time J JEfferson scrambles to try and get another 80 yard run, liek he did against UT. IF we can make him fumble or stuff those guys big time for a 2 yard loss or 1 yard gain the first 5 carries...then the we greatly increase the likeliehood of a int on our part. We need some good o plays too...LSU doesn't suck

drewster said...

Not to mention our list of road games: at So Car, at Clemson, at Arky, at LSU, at UGA. We'll be lucky to win 6 games next year.

bully said...

Doubt Cam will return to a green O line if he gets a solid draft projection, which looks probable.