Thursday, July 8, 2010

and the new most hated man in sports goes to LeBron James

The Heat? Really? You fucking pussy.

Is there a more self important asshole in all of sports than LeBron James? The kid who actually calls himself "King". Well what seems like a 5 year ordeal of where LeBron will play in the future FINALLY ended with the meanest fuck you to a former fanbase that anyone who didn't secretly move their football team to another city in the middle of the night has ever pulled off. When this annoying story finally came to an end and "South Beach" came out of his mouth I really wanted to shoot my tv. I mean superstars have abandoned their teams before (Shaq being the most obvious example when related to LeBron) but never has it been such a completely sickening and painful spectacle. I mean Cleveland is a shitty city, there's no doubt about it...BUT GODDAMN! You really couldn't have just had a press conference like a normal player? It's not the leaving a desperate city who loved you that makes me hate you, it is the fucking ridiculous way you did it. What kind of an ego maniacal monster have we created? Seriously I hope the Heat NEVER win a ring and LeBron goes down as a guy with more in common with Karl Malone than MJ. Actually fuck everyone who compares James to Jordan ever again. Would Mike have ever left the Bulls to go play with Charles Barkley and John Stockton on a team together? Fuck no!

Also ESPN has truly outdone themselves this time. I like to think they could never top this bullshit...and yet I fucking know they can. Oh well, back to Favrewatch.

Never has there been a more perfect example of why college sports beat pro sports every fucking day of the week more than this.

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bully said...

espnu had some tool on trying to justify the BCS last night, as if The LeBron Hour wasn't ridiculous enough.